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The Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia is committed to educating parents and the public about adoption and adoption law.  In fulfilling this commitment, ALCNOVA provides free Adoption Q&A sessions to churches and civic groups throughout Northern Virginia.

After a general overview of the types of adoption that are available for adopting parents to build their families, an adoption attorney will answer any adoption-related questions you may have.  Topics for discussion may include:

                     Private Placement Adoption

                     Agency Adoption

                     International Adoption

                     Foster Care Adoption

                     Step-Parent Adoption

                     Adoption Timelines

                     Overview of Legal Procedures

                     The Home Study

                     Birthmothers and Birthfathers

If you would like to schedule an Adoption Q&A session for your church or civic group, please call the Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia or click here for email.
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