If you are an adoption agency, a crisis pregnancy center, or other non-profit organization committed to building families and finding homes for children through domestic, international, or foster care adoption, then you know the complex legal issues that come with adoption and with running a tax-exempt organization.

The Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia is committed to helping you build families while also helping you navigate the legal maze that comes with running a growing and dynamic non-profit organization.

In addition to providing legal representation to adopting families and to birthparents making an adoption plan through your agency, ALCNOVA can also represent your organization in matters related to its non-profit status.

From helping you create a business plan and organizing your non-profit, to drafting and filing your articles of incorporation, to applying for tax-exempt status, to maintaining that status or regaining it if it has lapsed, to ensuring that your organization meets all the other day-to-day legal requirements placed on non-profits, the Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia can serve as an outside general counsel for your organization and free you up to do the work you love most.                                                                                                         (703) 246-9300
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