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Adoption attorney Michael A. Costanzo has been licensed to practice law in Virginia since 1992.

From an early age, Mr. Costanzo has been fascinated by adoption, a legal process by which children find loving homes, husbands and wives become mothers and fathers, and brand new families are created where none existed before.

Impressed by the fact that adoption changes a child's entire life, Mr. Costanzo pursued his enthusiasm for adoption by founding the Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia in order to help parents build their families through adoption.

Mr. Costanzo believes that the role of an adoption attorney should be much more than merely filing your finalization paperwork after all of the hard work has been done by you and your family.  He believes that a dedicated and enthusiastic adoption attorney with both a legal and a social services background can be an invaluable guide to you from the very beginning and can help ensure that your entire adoption experience is a good one with as few bumps in the road as possible.

In addition to years of experience practicing law in Virginia, Mr. Costanzo's adoption qualifications include working as an Adoption Coordinator at an adoption agency and earning a Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) degree.  His master's degree studies focused on issues related to adoption, including research projects on the neurological impacts of parent-child attachment, attachment disorders in adopted children, the diagnosis and treatment of Reactive Attachment Disorder, foster care adoption reform, and reform of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).

As an Adoption Coordinator at an adoption agency, Mr. Costanzo counseled adopting parents, conducted home studies, navigated the social services bureaucracy on behalf of his clients, participated in parent-child matching and family assessment meetings, and provided post-adoption supervision.  Additionally, he advocated on behalf of his clients with local departments of social services, helping to ensure the selection of his clients for adoption placements, including the successful placement of a group of four brothers and sisters who otherwise might have been separated and adopted to different families.

Mr. Costanzo also has a special dedication to helping children living in orphanages overseas.  He recently visited several orphanages in Colombia and has committed the Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia to providing material, financial, and educational support to kids living in overseas orphanages and he enthusiastically encourages others to do the same.

Mr. Costanzo earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from George Mason University in 1989 and his law degree from The College of William and Mary, Marshall-Wythe School of Law, in 1992.  He earned his Master of Science in Social Work degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2007.  He is an active member of the Virginia State Bar.
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