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All over the country, thousands of adoption agencies help parents adopt children every day.  By locating adoptable children, completing home studies, providing counseling and training, and matching available children with parents, adoption agencies are doing some of the most rewarding work in adoptions today.

Many agencies are able to complete newborn, older child, foster care, and international adoptions.  While private placement adoptions have grown to outnumber agency adoptions, adoption agencies remain a valuable resource for thousands of adopting parents.
Your adoption attorney will review with you the relative costs and benefits of an agency adoption and will help you formulate an adoption plan that best fits your family's needs.  As your full-service Agency Adoption law firm, the Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia will:
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     Review Adoption Options Available to Your Family

     Provide an Overview of the Adoption Process and Anticipated Timelines

     Help You Formulate an Adoption Plan to Build Your Family

     Help You Choose a Reputable Adoption Agency

     Introduce You to Your Adoption Agency

     Review Agency Contracts and Fee Agreements

     Help You Compile Your Adoption Agency Application

     Review Home Study Procedures and Requirements

     Prepare You for Your Home Study

     Help You Address Any Issues That Arise During Your Home Study

     Serve as Liaison to Your Adoption Agency and Help Resolve Any

     Ensure That Your Agency Complies With All Legal Requirements

     Help You Retain Out-of-State Counsel for Interstate Adoptions

     Complete Interstate Compact Procedures for Interstate Adoptions

     Draft, File, and Litigate Your Petition for Adoption

     Help You Navigate Period of Post-Placement Supervision

     Complete In-Court Finalization of Your Petition for Adoption

     Obtain Name Change and Amended Birth Certificates for Your Child

     Draft a New Will or Modify Your Existing Will to Add Your Child

     Address Any Post-Adoption Issues

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