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Today in the United States, there are over 375,000 children living in foster care.  Around 100,000 of these children are eligible to be adopted.  And around 1,000 of these adoption-eligible children live right here in Virginia's foster care system.

Children in foster care, including groups of brothers and sisters, are usually older children and are the ones who suffer the most when families are destroyed by drugs, by abuse, or by a parent's incarceration or untimely death.  Through no fault of their own, these children are often abused, neglected, or abandoned by the people they were supposed to be able to count on the most.
     Help You Formulate Your Foster Adoption Plan

     Provide Guidance on How to Locate an Adoptable Child in Foster Care

     Help You Gather Child Information from Department of Social Services

     Help You Select a Reputable Foster Adoption Agency

     Introduce You to Your Foster Adoption Agency

     Coordinate and Prepare You For Your Home Study

     Address Any Issues That Arise During Your Home Study

     Serve as Your Liaison to Your Agency and Local Department of Social
      Services and Help Resolve Any Problems

     Ensure That All Parental Rights Have Been Properly Terminated

     Ensure You Receive a Complete Social and Medical History of Your Child

     Help You Review and Interpret Your Child's Social History

     Negotiate On Your Behalf to Ensure That You Receive All Available
      Foster Adoption Subsidies for Which You Qualify

     Draft, File, and Litigate Your Petition for Adoption

     Complete In-Court Finalization of Your Petition for Adoption

     Draft a New Will or Modify Your Existing Will to Add Your Child

     Help Ensure Receipt of Proper Post-Adoption Special Needs Education
      Benefits When Your Child Enrolls In School

     Address Any Other Post-Adoption Issues

Adopting a child from foster care can demand a truly heroic commitment.  But the lifelong rewards can be gratifying for both you and your adopted child.  If you are considering adopting a foster child, or are interested in becoming a foster parent yourself, the Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia will:
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