Every night, in orphanages all over the world, children who are eligible to be adopted go to sleep in cold, bare rooms with all their meager possessions in shoe boxes tucked under their beds, wondering if they will ever have a real family again.  Because no matter how well-run their orphanage might be, nothing can take the place of a real, loving family.

When strangers come to visit, they marvel at the sound of English being spoken and at the eye colors of visitors from far away parts of the world.  They eagerly ask their new friends to teach them a few words of English and if they will take them back home with them.

The Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia can help you provide a home for one of these children by partnering with you to complete your international adoption.  As your full-service International Adoption law firm, the Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia will:
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     Help You Formulate Your International Adoption Plan

     Review Your Country Options and Help You Choose a
      Country from Which to Adopt

     Help You Select a Reputable International Adoption Agency

     Introduce You to Your Adoption Agency

     Review Adoption Agency Contracts and Fee Structures

     Prepare You For and Help You Navigate the Home Study

     Help You Address Any Issues That Might Arise During Your
      Home Study

     Serve as Liaison to Your Adoption Agency and Help Resolve
      Any Problems

     Ensure that Your Agency and Social Worker Comply with All
      Applicable Laws Related to Your Adoption

     Review Overseas Procedures, Paperwork, and Adoption

     Ensure Compliance with Hague Treaty on International

     Help You Compile a Proper International Adoption Dossier

     Help You Review Child Referrals from Your Agency

     Complete Your Pre-Adoption Immigration Visa Application

     Obtain Post-Adoption Immigration Visa for Your Child

     Address Any Complicated Immigration Issues

     Help You Navigate Period of Post-Adoption Supervision

     Complete Domestic Re-Adoption As Needed

     Obtain Name Change and Domestic Birth Certificates

     Complete Citizenship Documentation for Your Child

     Draft a New Will or Modify Your Existing Will to Add Your

     Address Any Post-Adoption Issues

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