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Private placement adoption has become the most common type of infant adoption in the country.  A private placement adoption is one in which a birthmother chooses the parents who will adopt her child.

Thousands of private placement adoptions occur every year in the United States.  While most of these adoptions are completed successfully, a private placement adoption is a delicate process that must be handled with compassion and sensitivity.
The emotional toll exacted by a private placement adoption can be overwhelming for both adopting parents and birthparents.  While adopting parents are anxious to locate a birthmother and be chosen as parents for a newborn child, birthmothers are often struggling with whether or not to place their child for adoption at all.  This can often lead to dashed hopes and frustrated expectations on everybody's part.  It is not unusual for a birthmother to change her mind regarding an adoption plan, and the impact of being chosen and then "unchosen," sometimes more than once, can be devastating for adopting parents.

A good adoption attorney can serve as a vital partner in helping to ensure that your private placement adoption is a successful one, with as few complications along the way as possible.  At the same time, a good adoption attorney will protect the integrity of your adoption by ensuring that all legal requirements have been met by everyone involved, that no one has cut any legal or ethical corners, that everybody understands the adoption procedures and their consequences, and that nobody is rushed or pressured to give up rights or to take on obligations that they are unsure about.

As your full-service Private Placement Adoption law firm, the Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia will:

     Review Adoption Options Available to Your Family

     Provide an Overview of the Adoption Process and Anticipated Timelines

     Help You Formulate an Adoption Plan to Build Your Family

     Provide Guidance on Creating Your Parent Profile

     Coordinate and Prepare You For Your Home Study

     Address Any Issues That Arise During Your Home Study

     Provide Advice on Implementing Your Own Birthmother Search

     Help You Prepare For Meeting Birthmothers

     Prepare You For and Oversee the Hospital Process, Including Medical
      Authorizations, Health Care Powers of Attorney, and Obtaining Physical
      Custody of Your Child

     Ensure Proper Termination of Birthfather's Parental Rights

     Draft, File, and Litigate Birthmother's Consent To Adoption, Petition for
      Termination of Parental Rights, and Petition for Legal Custody of Your Child

     Complete Interstate Compact Procedures for Interstate Adoptions

     Help You Retain Out-of-State Counsel for Interstate Adoptions

     Draft, File, and Litigate Your Petition for Adoption

     Help You Navigate Period of Post-Placement Supervision

     Complete In-Court Finalization of Your Petition for Adoption

     Obtain Name Change and Amended Birth Certificates for Your Child

     Draft a New Will or Modify Your Existing Will to Add Your Child

     Address Any Post-Adoption Issues

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