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The step-parent role can be an unusual one, with many of the responsibilities that come with being a parent but no formal recognition of the relationship in the law.

With today's blended and re-blended families, it is estimated that nearly 20 million children in the United States are living with at least one step-parent.  In many of these families, the bonds of love between step-parent and step-child are every bit as strong as those that bind other children to their parents.  Many of these families choose to formalize those bonds through adoption.

If you are a step-family who wishes to make your blended family whole through adoption, the Adoption Law Center of Northern Virginia can help you.  From reviewing the adoption options available in your family's particular situation, to addressing the rights of an absentee parent, to finalizing your adoption in court, ALCNOVA can help you bring a greater sense of permanency and stability to your family.

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